Hi there, I’m Alex.

I am known to my unfortunate friends, family and pretty much anyone I have spoken to, as a bit of a rambler. I like to ramble about pretty much anything, so I thought I would put this to good use and start a blog. Of course, I figured I should narrow down my ramblings and concentrate on the things that really matter to me.

My aim is to provide thought-provoking articles on everything from economic, political, philosphical, social and cultural topics from around the world. Yes, that is me narrowing it down. I take inspiration from the world around me, the important things that are happening in the world as well as in my local community. In case you are wondering, local for me is Newcastle.

As much as I like talking, I can be a good listener too. If you are interested in contributing to my blog with an article of your own, just send an email to alex at lostlibertycafe.com.

Happy reading!