McDonald’s Facing Largest Ever Low-Wage Protest

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So, if you read my first post you will have learnt a little bit about the Living Wage. Most people just deal with their minimum or low wage, thinking that there is little that can be done to change things. Well, some workers over at McDonald’s had a different idea. This is the kind of news I like to hear.

No Longer Lovin’ It

Not Lovin It

Apparently, it’s been a bit of a bad year for McDonald’s, having announced a “global comparable sales decrease of 1 percent, reflecting negative guest traffic in all major segments.” It seems that their reputation is going further downhill, what with the Gates Foundation divesting $1bn of its stock from the company just last quarter. What’s seen as bad news for McDonald’s, is probably seen as a good thing by most people these days.

After all, the company is well known for its ill-advised marketing campaigns targeted at children, their poor treatment of workers and questionable sourcing of food. Throwing money at the problem isn’t going to help this time, especially among millennials who no longer regard it as relevant. With higher quality customer-focused fast-food chains on the market, who can really blame them?

Attempting To Get “Back On Their Game”

So, what did McDonald’s decide to do in the face of all this bad news? With a new CEO on board, who admitted they were ‘not on our game’, they knew the time had come to make changes to the company’s structure in order to move the company into a more modern and progressive one.

They announced their plans back in April to pay directly employed workers one whole dollar above the local minimum wage. However, this policy would not apply to those employed by franchisees, a whopping 95%. Nice. Not surprisingly, people were not impressed.

Taking A Stand

Fight For 15

So, what did the wise workers over at McDonald’s decide to do? They decided to gatecrash a shareholder meeting to be held on May 21 in order to hold the biggest ever protest. Yes! They are demanding an end to what they are calling “poverty wages” and I think it’s outstanding. It’s just the type of action workers should be taking to let companies know that it is not okay to be working full time hours for such a small wage.

Check out this video featuring McDonald’s worker Adriana Alvarez:

As Adriana put it:

“It’s time to pay people enough to survive. It’s time to pay people what they deserve.”

All they are asking for is to be paid enough to survive. Enough to be able to support themselves and their family. They are asking for $15 an hour and union rights. For a company that still makes so much money, surely they aren’t asking for all that much. People who work for a living shouldn’t rely on public assistance to get by, it’s really no wonder that people are getting frustrated and angry.

People from all over the world are joining in on this fight. If you want to learn more, you can visit FIGHTFOR15’s website. They are still asking for signatures for their petition, with the headings Pay People Enough To Survive. When you put it that way, it really puts things into perspective.

Surely everyone deserves to be paid enough to survive? To pay for food and bills? To support not just themselves, but also their family? It still boggles my mind to think that people are being paid less than the living wage and nothing is being done about it. It’s good to see that there are people out there taking a stand and making changes.

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