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The thing I love about Newcastle is its entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks in part to its increasing number of successful business start-ups, the region now offers a fantastic platform for economic growth. Just last year it ranked among the UK’s top 20 fastest growing towns and cities.

We previously had a look at some of our local success stories, but this time we are putting the focus on the younger generation. Students in Newcastle are showing us just how much you can achieve when you really put your mind to it.

Summer Takeover

A group of students from Northumbria University created a successful holiday business as part of their degree. Students Ben Trattles, Warren Pearson and Harley Gibb worked together to achieve the most successful Enterprise placement to be undertaken at the university, with a turnover of £100k in the first year.

Summer Takeover offers students looking to work abroad holiday packages that include everything from accommodation, job trials and an induction week. They put their success down to the support they received from the placement.

“We received invaluable advice and services such as free marketing and legal mentoring, which meant we were able to create a professional and well thought out business model.”

Ben to The Tab

This just goes to show how beneficial these placements can be for students. The Northumbria University Student and Graduate Enterprise placed fourth in the Witty Review 2013 for best university for start-up businesses and with success stories like this it’s easy to see why.

Stu Brew

Student brewers from Newcastle University won the 2015 National Union of Students Enterprise Award thanks to their student-run microbrewery. Now run with the help of over 200 students, the sustainable microbrewery was set up as a Student Community Action Newcastle (now known as Go Volunteer) scheme.

The project has given students the opportunity to enhance employability skills, with students taking on all aspects of the enterprise including management, brewing, marketing, sales and even designing recipes. They successfully launched their first beer, OverDraught, with all profits being invested back into the enterprise.

Clare’s Squares

Clare Fearon, a third-year student at Newcastle University, decided to turn her passion for baking into a full-fledged business. After founding the baking society at her university and receiving great feedback on her culinary creations, Clare decided to set up her own business.

“A lot of people told me that people would pay for what I bake so I thought why not and gave it a go!”

Clare to Bdaily

Clare’s Squares exports traybakes across the world through her own Etsy shop. Her next step is to apply to the RiseUp programme, designed by Newcastle University to help young entrepreneurs. It’s fantastic to see how students are using their own initiative to get their business up and running.

Get the Support You Need

student support

Are you a student in Newcastle interested in establishing your own business? There are plenty of ways you can create positive connections, share knowledge and learn vital skills that will help you to succeed. Whether it’s joining a forum, student group or attending events, Newcastle has plenty on offer to help make your dreams a reality.

Here are some great resources you should be checking out if you are interested in starting your own business:

Entrepreneur Society

The Entrepreneur Society is perfect for students of Newcastle University with an interest in starting their own business. Not only do they run training events and workshops to learn some valuable skills, but they also organise networking events that will help put you in touch with the right people.

Entrepreneurs Forum

Supporting entrepreneurs across the North East of England, the Entrepreneurs Forum can help you to develop and grow your business, while creating new opportunities. It’s a not-for-profits organisation, helping new business owners to create sustainable jobs for the region, something everyone can applaud.

Entrepreneurship Meetups

A great way to meet like-minded individuals is to take part in Meetups. They put you in touch with people that can offer you some much needed support and advice to help you set up and expand your business. Try joining a networking event and make some valuable connections.


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